Jeff Austin

You Have No Idea
Neodymium rare earth magnets, thread, nails, found objects.
A site-specific installation at THE SUB-MISSION,
Chicago, IL


10 x 3’

A film by Matt and Jeff Austin
Music written and performed by Ethan Rose

What Did You Expect?
Wood, paint, charcoal, earth
6 x 8 x 48”

Always And Ever Is Never Enough

Flies on wall
12 x 12’

Un- by sculptthesky


8 minutes, 22 seconds
Music by Connan Mockasin

Balance Study, No. 7

Balance Study, No. 6

Furniture for a Brighter Future

Wood, fabric, foam

Balance Study, No. 5

Balance Study, No. 4

Some new balance studies using scrap and stones from campus at the Burren College of Art.

Ballpoint pen on paper17 x 20”


Ballpoint pen on paper
17 x 20”

Movement for Infinite Stillness
Ballpoint pen on paper9 x 12”

Movement for Infinite Stillness

Ballpoint pen on paper
9 x 12”